• Low consumption and low cost
    The cost of this turbine is considerably reduced in proportion to what the current market offers, and its use also reduces the excessive consumption of fuel.
  • Innovation and simplicity
    Designed to move to the next level in sports aeronautics. The product achieved is unique in the world for its low consumption and simplicity of operation and the small number of parts significantly lower than other OTTO cycle engines and even other turbines resulting in much simpler and safer operation.
  • Power and safety
    The PAPIZTURBINE´S turboprop family count with the safety that can deliver all the turbine type engines versus the piston type engines being able to transfer that safety to the flight making the pilot to worry about one less thing to fly as he whishes. With low power engines versions for small and medium size planes but with a very regular and regulated power to be able to use when it´s needed and with a piston type similar consumption at same power achieving a perfect equation.

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About us


Born in the city of Concepción province of Tucumán Argentina and member of a teaching family the creator Juan Manuel Papiz showed since he was a child a certain affinity with aeronautics and mechanics and never let the economic situation or any other stop him to follow his dreams. At age of 15 years old start to manufacture RC turbines of plans by other authors and after some time he began to improve them making his own design. Over the years he was decided to make a change in aeronautics and develop a new injection system for turbines and their applications but he didn’t found support for prototyping and far from giving up he start to develop turbines for real aircrafts learning about materials, calculations and others. Papiz manufacture every part of his turbines acquiring capacity and knowledge to keep developing. With the economic situation he focus his efforts in prove functionality and not reliability yet so he create his engines with the best materials he could afford, in the meanwhile he follow his other passion and becoming into a Commercial Flight Pilot with the passing of the years. As an Aviation lover he noticed that some things in aviation didn’t change from many years because the simple fact that they were established in that way and he thought it was time to change them. He understand that the aviation should evolve in some important aspect like engines for small and medium size aircrafts that’s the most aircraft range vulnerable to failure and incident been the most used aviation category in the world. The answer? The turbine engines, but he quickly understands than those kinds of engines have a bad consumption for small powers and small aircrafts.

The project born with the question of why some turbine engines so simple like the RC turbines and has the “same” result that the super complex aviation turbine engines ( knowing the differences ). The question so was why we can´t go back to the beginning and design a new type of engine with a new vision thinking in the user, in the pilot, in the plane and not in the industry itself.




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